M.Sc. IV semester Physics Practical examinations-2023-24 is scheduled     |      सूचना: बी.ए. एवं बी.एससी की परीक्षाएं मुख्य परिसर (जार्ज टाऊन) में तथा बी.काम. की परीक्षाएं वाणिज्य संकाय परिसर (कमला नेहरू मार्ग) में संचालित होंगी।     |      सूचना: वार्षिक परीक्षा कार्यक्रम-2024 में आंशिक परिवर्तन     |      विस्तृत वार्षिक परीक्षा कार्यक्रम 2024     |      All the enrolled students must fill their ABC-ID on admission Portal of C.M.P. Degree College.      |      B.Sc. Practical Examination 2024 Schedule     |      FLYER FOR NATIONAL SCIENCE DAY CELEBRATION     |      Enrollment is open for 700 plus courses on NPTEL for January-April 2024     |      Smartphone distribution under Digi Shakti Scheme     |      छात्रवृत्ति से संबंधित आवश्यक सूचना     |     



Name: Dr. Archana Tripathi
Designation: Proctor
Qualification: M.A. (Geography), Ph.D.
Email: archanaut8@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 6386025212

Proctor’s Message

“Talent without discipline is like an octopus on roller skates.” H. Jackson Brown

Dear Students

Warm Greetings and Hearty Congratulations!

As you step into the welcoming embrace of CMP Degree College, you are not merely joining an institution; you are becoming a cherished member of the CMP Family. In today’s dynamic and ever-evolving society, educational institutions bear the responsibility of safeguarding the interests of their students, nurturing them to face the challenges of the future. Discipline is the cornerstone of personal and collective growth. It is our collective duty, both as educators and students, to uphold and foster this fundamental principle. Discipline is the bridge that connects aspirations to achievements.

In my role as the Chief Proctor, ensuring discipline within the college premises is of paramount importance. However, it is a collaborative effort, and we rely on your cooperation. Discipline fosters punctuality and creates a lasting impression that contributes to a brighter tomorrow. Regardless of the goals you harbour, discipline is the path to success, freeing your mind from rigid thinking and negative perspectives on life. It is the key to unlocking the doors to a successful life, and it serves as a reminder of the consequences for those who disregard its principles.

Discipline extends its reach across all domains of college life, and we expect no less from our students. We encourage you to actively engage in both academic pursuits and extracurricular activities, for these experiences enrich your college life. While we encourage quality interactions with friends, teachers, and the library, we remind you that being a student carries certain responsibilities. Adherence to decorum and discipline is paramount. The college may impose certain restrictions, not as restraints on your freedom, but as guides to help you navigate the college journey. These constraints teach you to discern limits, make informed choices, and, most importantly, exemplify discipline. The discipline you inculcate during your college life will become a habit, and habits wield immense power in shaping your future. Discipline gives you the wings to soar towards your dreams.

Each member of the Proctorial Board, myself included, envisions a bright future for every student. We wish for you all to embrace and uphold the tenets of discipline.

As you embark on this exciting chapter of your educational journey, remember that discipline is your guide, your ally, and your key to a future filled with accomplishments. We, the Proctorial Board, are here to support you, guide you, and ensure that your college life is enriched with wisdom, experiences, and the indomitable spirit of discipline.

Best Wishes for a Fruitful Journey,

Role of Proctor’s Office

  1. Promote and maintain discipline amongst students and exercise of power as per Clause 11(b) of Ordinance XXXV.
  2. Issue Identity Card/Duplicate or Temporary Identity Card/ Renewal of Identity Card.
  3. Issue Character Certificate.
  4. Maintain student records.
  5. Verification of admission of students on a request received from various bodies.

Office of Proctor:

Chief Proctor

Dr Archana Tripathi

Deputy Proctors

  1. Dr. Rajat Kumar Srivastava
  2. Dr. Deenanath
  3. Dr. Ajay Pratap Singh

Assistant Proctors

  1. Dr. Ajeet Kumar Singh
  2. Dr. Archana Raje
  3. Dr. Tanya Rai
  4. Dr. Priya Soni Khare
  5. Dr. Nilesh Kumar Rai
  6. Dr.Nafees Ahmad
  7. Dr. Hemlata Pant 
  8. Dr. Brahmadev Pandey
  9. Dr. Munindra Shukla
  10. Dr. Rachna
  11. Dr. Ruchika Chaudhary
  12. Dr. Amit Mishra
  13. Smt. Renu Singh
  14. Dr. Nandini Raizada
  15. Mr. Gaurav Patel
  16. Dr. Padma Aparajita Parija
  17. Dr. Sarika Sushil
  18. Dr. Anjani Kumar
  19. Dr. Sanjay Kumar Pandey
  20. Dr. Chandan Kumar
  21. Dr. Vijay Bahadur
  22. Dr. Akram Ali
  23. Dr. Ashok Kumar Ranjan



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