Following facilities are being provided by the Proctor Office:

  1. Promote and maintain discipline amongst students and exercise of power as per Clause 11(b) of Ordinance XXXV.
  2. Issue Identity Card/Duplicate or Temporary Identity Card/ Renewal of Identity Card.
  3. Issue Character Certificate.
  4. Maintain student records.
  5. Verification of admission of students on a request received from various bodies.


Dr. Archana Tripathi

E-Mail :
Tel : +916386025212


Deputy Proctors

Dr. Bhupesh Tripathi

Dr. Bhavana Chauhan

Dr. Deenanath

Dr. Rajat Kumar Srivastava

Assistant Proctors

Dr. Ajeet Kumar Singh

Dr. Archana Raje

Dr. Atul Singh Bharadwaj

Dr. Ajay Prakash Tiwari

Dr. Niraj Kumar Singh

Dr. Bireswar Pandey

Dr. Tanya Rai

Dr. Anurag Shukla

Dr. Priya Soni Khare

Dr.Sanjana Gupta

Dr. Nilesh Kumar Rai

Dr.Nafees Ahmad

Dr. Hemlata Pant

Faculty of Law

Dr. Shiv Shankar Singh (Deputy Proctor)

Dr. Brahmadev Pandey (Assistant Proctor)

Dr. Ritu Raghuvanshi (Assistant Proctor)

Dr. Ajay Kumar (Assistant Proctor)

Dr. Tushar Srivastavar (Assistant Proctor)

Dr. Sonal Khare (Assistant Proctor)