Chairperson’s Message

I deem it my proud privilege to speak to you and greet you through the new website of the college. I send my affectionate greetings to the Principal, all the teachers, non-teaching staff & all our students on this happy occasion. In the present scenario, the campus community must be adequately prepared to make use of information and communication technology and the creation of college website is a significant step in this direction. The college is also committed for inculcating the desirable value system amongst the students which is a great challenge posed

.    Chairperson

before us in the age of materialism and consumerism. These days, the worldly needs and situations before us may tempt us to take short cuts and one who have courage to move ahead against these temptations proves him victorious and successful in life. If we keep moving towards our goal, never quit, we shall eventually achieve it.

With good wishes & greetings to students & staff.


         Ch. Raghvendra Nath Singh
       President, Kayasth Pathshala
Chairperson-Governing Body, CMP College