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ICT Cell

ICT Cell

Name: Dr. Sarita Srivastava
Designation: Coordinator-ICT Cell
Qualification: Associate Professor- Department of Botany
Email: saritasrivastava21@gmail.com
Mobile No.: 933553005

Coordinator’s Desk

As the coordinator of the ICT cell, it is my privilege to introduce the contributions of the ICT cell in adding distinctiveness to the college in the city of Prayagraj. it was during the pandemic that the ICT cell of the college developed its own integrated online platform, “CMPlive” and “LMS” which enabled the college to manage the large number of students during the pandemic. CMP Degree College has been the first college to smoothly navigate the physical barring imposed during the pandemic without affecting the normal teaching, learning, or admissions of the students. The college holds its self developed portals for online Admission, Online teaching and learning and Recruitments which adds to the excellence of the institution in multifolds.

Moreover, the college leverages technology to improve curriculum delivery through the active use of ICT tools, with smart classrooms featuring audio-visual aids, projectors, and internet connectivity. The online admission portal facilitates a transparent, convenient, and hassle-free admission process with proper guidance. The ICT cell of the college has significantly contributed to enhancing the teaching and learning environment and has optimized the administrative efficacy through the online admissions portal, thereby facilitating paperless working in the college. The major contributions to the college are as follows:

  1. Development of College Website: The college’s website is developed and managed by the college’s ICT cell and is hosted on dedicated servers, with all the information about the institution also serving as a digital noticeboard.  The website has enhanced communication between the college and its stakeholders, as well as society at large. ICT Cell has developed an integrated platform for online teaching, learning, admission, and recruitment. 
  2. Access to information: ICT provides students and faculty members with access to a vast amount of information and resources through the internet, online databases, and digital libraries. This allows for more comprehensive and up-to-date learning materials to all the students and research scholars
  3. Enhanced teaching and learning methods: ICT has provided integrated teaching and learning platforms like “CMPlive” and LMS for its faculty members to create interactive and engaging learning materials, such as multimedia presentations, simulations, and virtual labs. This has enhanced the teaching and learning experience, made complex concepts more understandable, and mitigated the physical distance to sail through the pandemic.
  4. Personalized learning: The ICT cell, through its online integrated teaching and learning platform, has paved the way for personalized learning experiences among students through adaptive learning platforms and online tutorials like CMPlive and LMS that cater to individual learning styles and paces. This helps students learn at their own pace and focus on areas where they need more support.
  5. Administrative efficiency: ICT systems and platforms streamline administrative processes in the college, such as student admissions and payment of fees. This helps in improving the overall adm inistrative efficiency of the college, saving time and promoting a paperless working style
  6. Accessibility and inclusivity: ICT has helped make higher education more accessible to students with disabilities through assistive technologies and online learning platforms that cater to their needs. It also allows for more flexible learning options for non-traditional students, such as working adults and those with family responsibilities

The ICT cell of the college has revolutionized the education system, playing a crucial role in transforming curriculum delivery, providing access to information, facilitating collaboration and communication, enhancing teaching and learning methods, and improving administrative efficiency. Its contribution has distinguished CMP Degree College as a pioneering institute with excellence in teaching and learning pedagogy, making it more accessible and inclusive for a diverse range of students.

Compisition of ICT Cell:

  • Coordinator : Dr Sarita Srivastava, Associate Professor, Botany Department         
  • Co-coordinator: Dr. Govind Gaurav, Assistant Professor, Department of Political Science 
  • Members:
  • Dr. Shwetabh Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics
  • Dr. Priya Soni Khare, Assistant Professor, Department of Education
  • Dr. Rohit Kumar, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics
  • Dr. Atul Singh Bharadwaj, Assistant Professor, Department of Physics 
  • Dr. Himani Chaurasia, Assistant Professor, Department of Chemistry 
  • Mr. Tushar Srivastava, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Law
  • Dr. Bireshwar Pandey, Assistant Professor, Faculty of Commerce
  • Dr. Khushboo Agrawal, Assistant Professor, Department of English
  • Mr. Ashutosh Mishra (System Analyst, ICT/DCA)
  • Mr. Anurag Singh (Assistant Professor, DCA)

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