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The distinctiveness of CMP Degree College is embedded in its motto, “Aano Bhadra Kratavo Yantu Visvatah” (“Let noble thoughts come to me from all directions”). The mission of the college is to transform youth through holistic development, promoting creative and critical thinking, enabling innovation, enlightening minds and ideas, and empowering them with knowledge while instilling social, emotional, moral, and human values intrinsic to the art of life. Therefore, the priority of the college is “enabling, enlightening and empowering students through skill training” in the following thrust areas; 

Professional Skill:

Professional skill is a combination of soft skills and hard skills. Soft skills are related to personality and communication whereas hard skill is related to employability and competency for job and competitive examinations. The college has a “Centre for Vocational Studies and Skill Development” which currently offers 21 skill development, soft skill and special certificate courses such as Personality Development and Stress Management, Spoken English, Mushroom Cultivation, Vermicomposting, Communicative English for Legal Professionals, Banking, Finance and Insurance, Android Apps Development, GS Foundation Course for Civil Services, etc.. including, three awareness free and compulsory courses on water, energy and environmental literacy to students.

Financial Skill:

Financial skills are particularly related to the management of financial resources. The College introduced the ‘Earn While You Learn’ (EWYL) scheme for underprivileged and economically weak meritorious students so that they could manage their financial needs while learning and make them self-reliant. The scheme also provides them an opportunity for hands-on experience in diverse works related to the library, laboratory, office management, and computer department to participate in the management and development of the institution.

Innovation Skill:

Innovation skills are the abilities that enable people to develop innovative solutions for complex problems. The college has an “Institute’s Innovation Council “(IIC) which is awarded 3.5 stars by the Ministry of Education’s Innovation Cell (MIC). It systematically fosters a culture of Innovation amongst students and encourages, inspires, and nurtures young students by supporting them to work with new ideas while they are in their formative years. It organizes periodic workshops, seminars, and interactions with entrepreneurs, investors, and professionals and creates a mentor pool for student innovators. It conducts Hackathons, idea competitions, mini-challenges, etc., with the involvement of industries. As the college has also been chosen under the strengthening component of the DBT Star College Scheme since 2020, it also works to enable a culture of innovation and start-up among undergraduate science students by enhancing subject-specific knowledge through experiential learning, hands-on training for practical skills, industrial exposure and entrepreneurial development.

Social Skill:

Social skill enables students to communicate, make friends, develop healthy relationships, and in general, make them able to interact with society harmoniously. In this regard, CMP Helpage is an initiative of the college to group students and faculty members who voluntarily contribute towards the Institutional social responsibility and commitment to contributing to the well-being of society through various interactions and activities, including community engagement, sustainability efforts, ethical practices, and fostering a culture of social responsibility. CMP HelpAge involves students to provide services to society, including orphan care, elderly care, free legal aid, and mental well-being support.

Emotional Skill:

Emotional skills are skills that support the mental well-being of students and enable them to understand and recognize their and others’ feelings. The college has a “Centre for Happiness and Wellbeing” which strives to provide counseling and guidance to students in situations of distress, depression, and exam stress. It emotionally empowers students and enlightens them about the golden rule of happiness -“the more you make others happy: the happier you will be”

Environmental Skill:

Environment skill enables students to think and act for sustainable solutions for environmental problems. The college has established a Green Youth Brigade Club (GYBC) which has been working for the green, clean, and plastic-free campus for the past nine years and enables students to perform actions on behalf of the environment. All the admitted students are Bonafede members of this club however they provide their services to various environmental programs as per their interests. They participate in various environmental programs, including cleaning drives, cultivation skills, vertical gardening, and compulsory courses on water literacy, energy literacy, and environmental literacy. The club aims to make students sensible about the environment and engage them in participatory efforts towards environmental conservation and education.

Life Skill:

Life skills are abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour that enable students to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of life. The college adopted a mentor-mentee system in which teachers, as mentors provide guidance and support to mentees (students) who need coaching related to the challenges of life and are willing to learn. The system is meant to guide and support students to become able for adoptive and positive behaviour in life to deal with the challenges and make a fine balance of three knowledge, attitude, and skills required for success in life.

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