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Benefits of Local Chapter

Benefits of Local Chapter

Benefits of Local Chapter

  1. For Students:

Soft Skills Training for NPTEL Toppers

To make our learners industry ready, we have put together a Soft Skills Training program. This program will include the following activities:

  • Online Mock Interview
  • Employability Assessment Test
  • Online interactive sessions

This training program will be available only for students from NPTEL partner colleges.

Skill Topics Covered
Communication Skills Different aspects of communication skills and how to develop them, group discussion, public speaking, presentation skills and effective listening
Writing Skills Various aspects of written communication in business/workplace
Resume Building Details on structure and types of resumes, difference between CV and Resume, how to choose the right format for a resume, Do’s and Don’ts for a Resume.
Interpersonal Skills Importance of body language, grooming, Interview Skills – How to handle interviews, how to present oneself during the interview.
Social Networking in Context Job Search The impact of social networking, virtual networking, the benefit of having good networks, how to create a presence in the virtual networks and how to search for appropriate jobs on different job portals. How to create LinkedIn account, what details should be added to the account to make it attractive enough for a recruiter/viewer.


Soft Skills Training for NPTEL Toppers

We provide soft skills training to students who have scored more than 75 marks at least in one NPTEL course.

GATE Preparation




NPTEL provides toppers with the opportunity to gain rich research experiences with faculty from prestigious IITs and IISc (with stipend)


Soft Skills Training for students from NPTEL Partner Colleges (Local Chapters)

NPTEL has started conducting the Soft Skills Training program for candidates from Active Local Chapters, specifically for those from the rural background.


Credit transfer from NPTEL-SWAYAM courses

Enable students’ mobility across Higher Education Institutions and helps in seamless integration of skills and experiences into a Credit Based system. https://www.abc.gov.in/


2. For faculty members

AICTE-NPTEL Faculty Development Program (FDP): https://nptel.ac.in/fdp

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