The Departmental seminar on “CELEBRATION OF THE INTERNATIONAL CHEMISTRY WEEK” was organised by Department of Chemistry CMP Degree College, Prayagraj, on November 15, 2022. The event was inaugrated by Dr. Babita Agrawal, Convener, Department of Chemistry, CMP Degree College with all the ex. convener Dr. A. k. Shukla, Dr. Archana Pandey and Dr. Sunanda Das. All senior professors of department including Dr. Mridula Tripathi, Dr. Arti Gupta, Dr. Deepa Srivastava, Dr. Santosh Kumar Srivastava, Dr. Himani Chaurasia, Dr.Akram Ali, Dr. Ashok kumar Ranjan, Dr. Ranjeet Kumar, Dr. Pramod Kumar, Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Sahu, Dr. Monika Singh, Dr. Deepanjali Pandey, Dr. Praveen Tripathi, Dr. Pravin Kumar Singh, Dr. Vishal Srivastava and all the research scholars and advance learners of UG and PG attended the seminar. It was emphasised that such seminar is very useful for faculty members and research scholars.
The welcome address and introduction of speakers was given by Ms. Afreen Fatima, She welcome all faculty members and participants of seminar.
The first speaker was Ms. Kumari Pooja, Research Scholar Department of Chemistry CMP Degree College, she delivered the lecture on “Photochemistry” and explained about the two laws of photochemistry and elaborated the Jablonski diagram, with detailed description of fluorescence and phosphorescence. The second speaker was Mr. M.Z. Beg, Research Scholar Department of Chemistry CMP Degree College, he delivered the lecture on “Isopoly and Hetropoly Acids” and explain about the features of polyacids and their forms of polyacids after that elaborate the structures of isopoly acids and heteropoly acids from varios therories. Both the speakers answered the questions asked by audience and explained it in detail.
There were more than 50 participants who attended. Participants are faculty members and research scholar of chemistry deparments. Lastly vote of thanks given by Ms. Ritu Ravi.

Report of the Seminar

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