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Green Youth Brigade Club

Green Youth Brigade Club

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Green and Clean CMP


The Green Youth Brigade Club of CMP Degree College is constituted with the following vision:

  1. Development of an eco-friendly campus
  2. Student’s participation to make a greener, cleaner, and environmentally safer campus.
  3. Development of environmental consciousness in the college through lectures and workshops.
  4. Participatory approach towards environmental conservation and sustainability

Green oath

  1. We, the members of the Green Youth Brigade, are responsible for the green beauty of the college and would put our best foot forward to maintain it.
  2. We, the members, will minimize the waste of paper, electricity, and water.
  3. We will save trees planted on campus and also increase the number of trees through tree plantations.
  4. We will work honestly towards the betterment of the campus by making it environmentally clean.

The Green Youth Brigade Club, is a nature guarding non-profit, to help conserve nature and to regenerate the lost natures cape, by encouraging and mentoring the young people to promote a middle path between the extreme positions of ‘development at any cost’ and ‘fierce environmental protectionism’ by adopting Environmental Policy. It helps the student community by continuously caring for creation and activates. The nature lovers through an action-packed ecological team of ‘GYBC’. The Green Youth Brigade Club of the College is a dedicated group of students and teachers that is created to ensure the objective of Environmental Policy document under the AEGIS of IQAC and to promote nature nurturing activities in CMP campus, and in addition spread awareness within the community at large, guided by experienced green practitioners of GYBC. The Green Youth Brigade Club aims at ensuring greenery, eco-friendly environment. As a part to protect the environment it undertakes following objectives.


  1. To conserve environment and to protect the bio-diversity.
  2. To ensure the green cover in and around the college through tree plantation.
  3. To ensure public awareness on Tree Plantation through drives and campaigns.
  4. To developed an Herbal Garden and Nursery for Promotions and herbal plant.
  5. Encourage environmental assessment programmes.
  6. Raise awareness about keeping the clean and green campus.
  7. Establish sustainable practises on campus.
  8. Ensure the organization’s sustainability and adherence to environmental regulations.


Green youth Brigade club organizes learning sessions like seminars, workshops, guest interactions with eminent personalities who can inspire the youth into weaving a web of green living, as well as spread messages of importance through celebrations like World Environment Day, Wetlands Day, Ozone Day, World Water Day, etc. and campaigns on avoidance of plastics in day-to-day life. The main mentoring mode of GYBC is to make its members a part of the annual green auditing of the college campus, which gives the students an opportunity to know ‘how and where’, ‘how much and why’ the campus population is using the most of energy, water, and other resources; and also, the state of health, quality of environment, biodiversity, wastes, and efforts to remediate the damages to nature through the best of emerging tools and approaches. The college community thus gets an opportunity to plan for the needed changes and to ensure potential savings. It also helps to improve its waste minimization strategy. As environmental sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue globally, – in India, the role of higher educational institutions in moulding an eco-aware youth brigade of green guardians is vitally crucial. GYBG also tries to elevate greening through expansion of tree plantations—not limited to the campus—and caring for biodiversity conservation and expansion, upholding the principles of a minimalist way of life, which are dear to the CMP family.


The college has developed a beautiful campus with lawns, a botanical garden, a Garden, pond a nursery, etc. Members of GYBC document the existing flora and fauna within the campus and prepare the College Biodiversity Register (CBR). The signboards and posters are displayed on the college campus to encourage ideas of plastic-free campus, noise pollution, and environmental awareness. The GYBC organized conferences and workshops on environment-related issues and also helped to manage different types of waste generated on campus and develop vermicompost. The solar light and LED bulbs are installed in the college buildings and the campus to save electricity. During the COVID-19 period, the college and GYBC distributed the medicinal plant among the students and local people.

Evidence of Success:

GYBC organizes the periodical tree plantation campaign which provide the support to flora and fauna on the campus and resulting in the transformation of the campus into an eco-friendly one. The awareness campaign for the plastic-free campus through signboards and display boards has made the campus overall plastic free. GYBC organizes the workshops, seminars and training programs which helps students to aware about various environmental issues.

Problems Encountered and Resources Required:

The Green youth Brigade Club initiatives are challenging, so they require determination and a long-term commitment from all the department and students. Sufficient motivated manpower is needed to sustainably maintain our green practices. The Lesser awareness among the students and community towards environmental issues aggravates the problem levels.


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