Department Of Commerce


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Name:Dr. Raj Bihari Lal Srivastava
Designation:Associate Professor
Qualification:D.Phil,, JRF

The Department of Commerce was established in the year 1977 with the introduction of Under Graduate teaching in Commerce. The Post Graduate teaching in Commerce started in the year 2016 under Self-finance Scheme. The widely coveted B.Com. and Courses aim at providing comprehensive insight into several fields like accounting, taxation, finance, banking, law, insurance, international trade, management, statistics, etc. which play an important role in today's dynamic business environment. The department also follows the scope of CBCS M.Com. structure, where all students have the choice to select various subject options based on their understanding and future prospects.

In the year 2018 Ph.D. Programme was introduced in the Department. The department also runs short-term courses under Centre for Vocational Studies and Skill Development. The department boasts of highly experienced faculty who ensure a smooth and vibrant teaching -learning experience for the students enrolled. Apart from the curricular activities, the students are constantly exposed to various talks, lectures, group discussions, competitions, seminars, and conferences enabling them to correlate the knowledge gained with the real-world scenarios. Academic calendar of University of Allahabad has always been adhered to. The syllabus of UG and PG classes are always completed on time and well ahead of examination.

Vision, Mission and Objectives:


“Empowering students by providing all kind of knowledge of commerce with healthy practices and providing guidance, inspiring atmosphere and opportunities to the aspirants for quality education in Commerce.”


  • Develop Teaching & Learning practices of commerce knowledge with practically.
  • Enhancing the employability of the Commerce Students by providing motivating environment for availing their full potential.
  • Inculcate moral and ethical values and developing social consciousness among students.
  • Enable overall development of the personality of the commerce students by developing Commercial global outlook with social responsibility.
  • To enable the students as practical oriented according to the present demand of the human resource.


  1. To impart quality education to the students through a qualified team of faculty.
  2. To promote employability of the students in the competitive world of Commerce & Management.
  3. To promote skills of Accounting and Managerial Organization to enable them to pursue higher education or a profession in an organization.
  4. To orient students to the corporate life through Special Lectures, Seminars, Group Discussion and Industrial Visits.
  5. To work zealously as a team to prepare the students to top the University in the UG and PG examinations.