Department Of Ancient History


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Name:Dr. Archana Khare
Designation:Associate Professor
Qualification:D. Phil.

The Department of Ancient History, Culture, and Archaeology, in line with its title, is dedicated to instilling a deep appreciation of history and culture in students through the use of rigorous archaeological methods and techniques. Established in 1966, it stands as one of the oldest and most respected departments, not only within this college but also among all the constituent colleges of Allahabad University. While it originally coexisted with the Medieval History department since 1959, it later gained independent status in 1966. The eminent faculties like Professor Sri Ram Goyal, Professor VC Pandey have started their careers from this department. Professor Goyal was an eminent historian of India. His seminal work in the field of world civilization, Brahmi script, inscriptions and Historiography is beyond comparison. Professor VC Pandey was also a well-known historian not only of Allahabad but of Indian subcontinent. His primary work in the field of political and cultural history of India is a landmark. Dr Raj Chhatra Mishra became the first HOD of this department in 1966 and graced the chair till 2002. Dr Sunanda Kar, Dr Sudha Kumar, Dr Kumud Lata Saxena and Dr Rajesh Kumar Ojha had also graced this department. Dr Ashrafi Lal Srivastava was India’s famous art historian. He was the founder member of art history congress of India. Dr K C Srivastava is a popular historian and well-known figure among the all students appearing in competitive exams, as he wrote numerous books on political and cultural history of India, South Indian history, art and architecture and also on archaeology. Dr Manjul Bhatnagar and Dr Rakesh Kumar and Dr. Vibha Mishra were the gold medalist of Allahabad University. Dr. Namrata Prasad, a born artist, painter, a very popular teacher and a mother like figure to all students, they all gave their valuable contribution to department. Presently Dr Archna Srivastava is the convener of the department. Her specialization is in the field of Art, Architecture and folk religion. Dr Bhavna Chauhan has specialization in Archaeology, Pre and proto historic studies. Ancient History, culture and Archaeology department is committed to overall growth of students. Department runs Undergraduate course in which more than 3000 students are enrolled. The Post Graduate program was introduced in 2016 and 120 students are doing well and even scored top ranks in university. Research (D. Phil.) was introduced in 2019 and 18 students are enrolled here in which 11 Research Scholars are getting JRF from UGC while 2 are from ICHR. Department has a small but culturally rich Museum” Chaudhary Naunihal Singh Sangrahalaya evam Kala Vithika” containing original Prehistoric tools, pictures of prehistoric rock paintings, potsherds, replicas of Harappan seals, various sculptures from Mauryan period to Rajput period. Departmental library is enriched with the reference books, donated books by retired faculty members. Department regularly organizes lectures on important issues, student seminar on different aspects of history and culture. Department has organised a national seminar, rare manuscript exhibition and workshop on tool making techniques and typology. It also provides opportunity for students to participate in cultural programmes such as singing, dancing, essay and poetry writing, extemporal and debate competition etc. Above all department celebrates “Samavartan Sanskar “or farewell ceremony for passout students with the blessings of their teachers. We are a strong value-based department and we “Live the values” in every
thing we Do. For that department uphold the highest ethical values, integrity, commitment to academic excellence in teaching, learning, research work and extension activities. Department also provides and nurtures an environment of safety, trust and mutual respect in which everyone can develop their full potential and contribute to the interest of the society
Departmental Library Service: It is available for the students and research scholar of the department of Ancient History with the aim of easy access of books to each student of department ofeducation. The Departmental library is created by the books periodically donated by the faculty members of the same department. Books and research thesis related to education subject is available in both Hindi and English languages. A register is maintained for issuing the books to the students and research scholars. At a time one book is issued for one week to a student. Students are allowed to borrow books and read in the department also. While issuing books priority is given to the students of weaker section.
Guidance and Counselling Service: To attain the goal of comprehensive development of students along with good educational achievement, department of education provides guidance
and counselling service to its students. In every session, a new Guidance and Counselling Committee is formed for the smooth Ancient History of work related to guidance and counselling. Various educational, vocational and personal problems of students are addressed in face to face individual and group counselling sessions. During pandemic, these sessions were conducted on Google Meet platform.

Opportunities  for the students:
1-Students museum
2- Heritage walk, museum tours, Excursion tour to historical
3- Places to develop historical vision and interest among students
4- College conduct UPSC exam preparation spoken English class, sport facility , NSS , NCC , for girls ,cultural and academic activities are conducted regularly which is helpful in personality development.
FUTURE PLANS: Future plans include the introduction of new courses in musicology and journalism, organizing exhibitions and renovating the museum, and arranging lectures and workshops on pressing historical topics. The department aspires to secure a curator position for the museum, organize national seminars, and explore various facets of history, such as techniques of paintings and tool making.