Department of Psychology, C.M.P. Degree College, University of Allahabad, is organizing an online lecture series on the theme “ Psychological Issues during COVID”. The curse of covid is yet not over, our long-lasting sufferings are eroding our inner peace. We are losing the innocent smiles of children in this digital world. Most of the time due to our personal problems, we do not approach parenting the way we should. Unconsciously we are transferring our frustration to our children or we are using just the same parenting techniques as our own parents used. It is a distressing time for our children when they are not moving for outdoor activities for more than a year and facing academic pressure without enjoying their school environment. During this challenging time upbringing, a happy healthy child is the most challenging and rewarding role for parents. Applying effective parenting skills is our essential need as a parent and as a psychologist too. This lecture will provide psychological techniques to convert Stressful Parenting to Successful Parenting” and help us to feel more fulfilled as a parent and it will improve our level of interaction with children. In addition, it will provide guidelines that will prepare students of psychology for their future endeavors. e.g. It will help them to handle such issues with better confidence and efficiency as counselors in the future. This lecture will help us in staying up-to-date on recent and effective parenting techniques.

Lecture-4: “Family stress and Parenting during challenging times”

Keynote Speaker of Lecture-4: Dr. Mala Agerwal 

Date: 4th September 2021

Time: 12:00 P.M.

Department is cordially inviting all students, faculty members, and non-teaching staff to attend this lecture series.

Brochure of the Lecture-4

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Patron: Dr. Brijesh Kumar (Principal, C.M.P. Degree College)

Dr. Saroj Narula (Convenor, Department of Psychology, C.M.P. Degree College)

Organizing Team:

Dr. Ranjana Tiwari (Convener of the Programme)

Dr. Ruchika Varma

Dr. Mahesh Kumar Maurya