Co-ordinator — Student Welfare

Following facilities are being provided by the Student Welfare Office

  1. Measures for promoting the welfare of the students of the college
  2. Processing and forwarding of Scholarship  application –General, SC, ST, OBC, Minority and other
  3. Issue of  Transfer Certificate and Bonafide certificate
  4. Identification  for account opening for scholarship purpose
  5. Forwarding application to the University and attestation of documents for various competitive exams
  6. Issue of railway concession
  7. Hostel Management

Verification of different records of students during admission


Dr Meena Rai
Associate Professor
Dept. of Botany



Assistant Co-ordinator

  • Dr Bhupesh Tripathi, Dept of Mathematics 
  • Sri Shiv Shankar Singh, Dept of Law 
  • Dr Uma Rani Agrawal, Dept of Zoology 
  • Dr Namrata Prasad, Dept of Anc. History 
  • Dr R.B.L. Srivastava, Dept of Commerce 
  • Dr Deena Nath, Dept of Hindi 
  • Dr Amita Pandey, Dept of Botany 
  • Dr Babita Agrawal, Dept of Chemistry 
  • Dr Madhu Pandey, Dept of Law 
  • Dr Sangeeta, Dept of Education